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Hey! Hey you! See these drawings? Click 'em, comment, watch, and favourite, okay?

Please? Pretty please?


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a short murder mystery story but set in a generic fantasy world with elves and stuff

(spoiler: the wizard did it)


Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Nonbinary acepan, they/them/their pronouns please!

I really don't have anything to say about myself, so I'm just gonna list off other people that are even more rad than me. (if you're not mentioned, it's because im stupid and forgetful, not that i dont love you!)

:iconhaggis53: refuses to give me food :/
:iconenigmaticmuffin: :thumbsup:
:iconthe-dark-eccentric: dooooWHEEEOOOOOHH
:iconsetsuna-lav: she likes penguins so much
:iconmynaophelia: the mentor!!
:iconlunawerewolfy: cool pigeon slime B)
:iconking-blu: fluffe fluffe
:iconlovenatani: Jag talar inte svenska, men jag hoppas att detta är något sammanhängande.
:iconrobotato: Zillywho? Zillyyou.
:iconastral-body: greEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOR
:iconlow-battery-remote: tiny lil bean
:iconrmafan101: tumble buddy!!


a short murder mystery story but set in a generic fantasy world with elves and stuff

(spoiler: the wizard did it)
don't ever go back through your art from more than a couple of months ago ok
That is a very long made-up word.

It has been officially 8 days since this thing started? And things.... aren't going too well, honestly. I started out really strong but, I haven't had access to a computer in over a week, I'm going through a? bit of a depressive phase, and to be perfectly frank I just really haven't had much motivation recently? But I'm still pushing through with this!

As of right now I have the first half of the book roughly charted out and 5 pages actually written, which admittedly is super low, but the plot needed major revisions and I've made some really good improvements and progress on that end!!

And you know what? I recognize that this is good for me. I waste way too much energy chasing ideas really passionately for a short amount of time and then abandoning them. I need to follow through with this? Like, part of me is still fighting no, i have to make a new rp, there's this really cool short story idea i have, i should draw this character instead of writing but? This is good. I can do this.


In unrelated news: 

I am probably gonna make a new couple of OCs or whatever when I either find some free time or write enough to actually justify giving myself a break. So that's cool? Okay

Once January rolls around I miiight update with a TKS-related short story? Or I might wait and write it once I'm just, completely done with this. Who knows!! But I'm kind of torn between expanding this really great world further or finally moving on to something else?? 

I have episode 5 of Intern Skye recorded but I'm going to wait until I get an actual real microphone, so sometime late December hopefully. But it's called Dog Show and will be really really cool!

AGO2 is a thing!! Once I have access to a computer I'll update the rest of my part and probably Avi's too.


Sorry, this was more of a ramble than an actual journal but? fuck you it's my page honestly

TKS Logo Idea by lunykstormdragon
TKS Logo Idea
Just a little idea that I drew up in Illustrator at school today?? we needed something that wasn't the Legend of Zelda lookalike and this logo is nice?? it has the green, blue, red, black, and white theme, and it's simpler and more Unique Looking, and also there's like, story relevance behind it So yeah. cool.

what do you guys think??
Wizardy Jackbert by lunykstormdragon
Wizardy Jackbert
King-Blu suggested i make wizard robe sprites for jack and that was baSICALLY THE BEST IDEA EVER but color schemes are weird man

which one should i go with??? 

also theres a hooded version But i didnt feel like messing with the colors on that one till i know which version im going with...

EDIT: probably going with version #1 since that got the most votes? tbh i think #2 looks the most Wizardy but hey

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